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Weight Loss

Discover how powerful your unconscious mind can be in helping you lose weight, stay slim, and get your health back, once you find the desire to shed the excess weight.

Many people who have struggled in the past to lose weight and keep it off, have finally succeeded by utilising the power of their minds to break their poor relationship with food and negative associations with exercise.

Now you can too!

There are many reasons people have to lose weight
  • Maybe you are under treatment from your GP or Hospital and they have told you that you won’t be given a treatment that you need, until you get rid of your excess pounds
  • Maybe you are just fed up with feeling lazy and having poor self esteem
  • Maybe you wish you could feel attractive wearing beautiful fashionable clothes from high street shops, instead of having to buy bland clothes from outsize stores.
  • Maybe you are beginning to worry about your health and fear the increased risk of getting diabetes, cancer or heart disease, or perhaps someone close to you has been affected by one of these diseases.
  • Maybe you are fed up of feeling hot, uncomfortable, tired and unfit all the time.
  • Or perhaps you just want to be slim so that you can feel attractive at an event such as a wedding, or a holiday
  • Or perhaps you have always dreamed of doing an activity like flying, parachuting or any other activity that have weight or size restrictions.
  • Even though you may have many reasons to get rid of your excess weight, you probably have encountered many of the following issues
  • Perhaps you are one of those people who have succeeded in getting down to your ideal weight but once you achieved your goal, you were unable to maintain it and ended up heavier than when you started